The work started to demonstrate the promises made to the people will not be hindered by any obstacles. The government has been recognized by the people through the elections and has started preparing long, medium- and short-term development plans to ensure the benefits of the people. Although political parties have taken advantage of the open field of democracy to present their programs to the people, others have moved to seize power through cross-border channels rather than presenting their ideas to the people. These elements work together with the transitional government and internal and external enemies to disrupt peace but they will not succeed. The transitional government has taken many steps ranging from expanding the field of democracy to correct the oppression and problems in the country. The government has won the 2013 elections and gained public recognition for five years. It is ensuring the benefits of the people by carrying out various development projects. One of these is the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

This immediately rectified the major problems in the project and started generating electricity by saturating the water. This year, the water replenishment will be carried out within the stipulated time without listening to the pressure and shouts of our enemies. Therefore, internal and external parties who take other missions and conspire to disrupt public security once in the name of transitional government at another time should understand that it is not friendly. The government, which has been working for five years, is working to answer the demands of the people and ensure equitable benefits.

Education Ambo Efa Boru High School

Ambo Efa Boru High School Boarding School Inaugurated. Ambo Ifa Boru Boarding secondary School was inaugurated in Ambo town of West Shoa Zone of Oromia State. The school was inaugurated by Oromia Regional State Chief of Staff, Shimeles Abdissa, and senior regional leaders. The boarding school enrolls students from Ambo and surrounding areas and teaches students through practical education. The students will also learn other international languages.