The Parent Teacher Association’s (PTA) mission is to “create a positive and uplifting environment where parents, teachers and staff can work together to serve the needs of children and to enhance the quality of education. The Association will encourage parents to actively participate through volunteerism, fundraising, extra-curricular activities, and teacher support and encouragement.”

Functions of the PTA

The following are examples of the types of activities that are in line with the PTA mission. All projects should be approved by the school administrative committee. Financing for such projects could come from the fund raising projects undertaken by the PTA.

  1. The PTA may undertake projects for the general development of the school with the approval of the school administrative committee.
  2. The PTA may organize various ongoing or occasional activities and special events (such as sports programs, after-school clubs, art and science fairs, festivals) to supplement the academic program and enhance the school’s sense of community;
  3. The PTA may find ways to support and encourage teaching staff by providing awards, recognition, and training opportunities or scholarships.
  4. The PTA may encourage members to volunteer time and resources for use of the school.
  5. The PTA may develop reward coupons to give to children as rewards and positive reinforcement.
  6. The PTA may raise funds to make capital improvements to the school, install new playground equipment, making improvements to the library, computer or science labs.