We would like to thank writer Arabella Stewart who has been covering One Planet’s Dinknesh D.RO.P.S Project for the magazine called “Whats Out Addis”. Here is a copy of the September article, if you missed it!

“One Planet School has already proved itself to be an innovative school by thinking out of the box and offering students the chance to become involved in devising real solutions that relate to real situations and engaging their students with the realities of life around them.

One such initiative is the Dinknesh Club of One Planet School and their D.R.O.P.S. (Drinking Relief by One Planet School) project, managed by members of the club from grades 7-12. The project is to drill a well and be able to provide clean drinking water to a remote rural farming community in Sebeta not so very far away from Addis. Despite urban settlements within the general area, members of this community known as Keteneni have to travel 20 kilometers a day to fetch clean drinking water something we take for granted here in Addis with the simple turning of a tap….

The students have embarked enthusiastically on fundraising for this wonderful project. Funds have been raised through collections, juice and salad bars, bake sales and individual donations.

One of the parents is providing his drilling expertise as well as the rig and mobilization services. The hydrological survey has been completed and the team is eager to get started! HermelaWondimu from the NGO Drop of Water, has graciously and generously agreed to offer her expertise and to cover a large part of the anticipated total budget costs of the D.R.O.P.S. project. One Planet is very exited and thankful to gain such a partner. The schools own fundraising efforts will still continue in earnest, so that the students can learn how to effectively attract sponsorship, which can be used for future service learning projects.

Dinknesh has met with the local community who through consultation has agreed to support the project. Sebeta Water Bureau will be supplying the hand pump and another parent who works with the IRC (International Rescue Committee) is supporting the necessary hygiene and sanitation program. The students took a field trip to the site and motivated the local farming community to form their own committee that will collect funds to help manage and maintain the site thereby making D.R.O.P.S. a community project.”