Farmer’s Market

The One Planet community embraced local farmers and sellers on 4 April 2018 by inviting them to the One Planet compound for Farmers' Market Day. Parents helped their children to purchase food for their families.

The objective of the event was to help the students to 1) develop awareness of what they put into their body and be able to assess the difference between natural vs processed foods 2) develop their communication and tolerance skills by interacting with people of different backgrounds 3) be able to plan, budget and manage their money and learn how to purchase produce 4) be able to appreciate what they have by seeing firsthand the fruits of other’s labor and to develop culinary skills by turning the items they bought into edible food.

The students received assignments related to the event which integrated various subject matters. For example, depending on the grade level, students planned what they would purchase, calculated how much things cost per kilo, interviewed farmers, and prepared presentations. During the spring break, they will use the produce and grains they have purchased to make healthy food for their families.

The Dinknesh Club launched a fundraiser for their first project called DROPS which stands for Drinking Relief from One Planet School. The project is led by the senior class, and they are raising funds to build a well in a nearby community which doesn't have access to clean drinking water. It will serve 30,000 people. They hope to complete the project by the time they graduate in June.